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Affiliate Program

Become an Avicy Affiliate and Earn Income!

Do you want the freedom to make money on your own time? Our affiliate program is one of the best in the business - it allows you to earn reoccurring commission on every sale you refer to Avicy.

Our rates are simple and generous - you earn 10% of the monthly service fees for that account, for the life of the account!

Add it up - the income potential is unlimited:


NetAce Pro™ Website

Your monthly commission per user: $3.9
If you signed up: 200 people/year
You would earn a Reoccurring Yearly Income of: $9,360 per year

There are Many Ways to Market Avicy Services:

We make it easy for you to market by providing you with referral links, banners, and marketing tools. Here are some of the ways you may market Avicy services:

Tip: For print advertising methods, it is best to create your own website - drive traffic there, and then advertise and link to Avicy with your Affiliate Links.

Track Your Sales and Commissions Online!

When you signup for our free affiliate account, you receive your own Avicy affiliate account page, were you can track your click statistics, sales and commission payments at anytime. Get instant feedback on your marketing efforts!

We track all customers sent to our site for a period of 90 days. In other words, if someone clicks through your Avicy affiliate link to our site and doesn't subscribe straight away then don't worry - as you will still get the commission provided they come back within 90 days of their original visit!

You also choose the method to get paid every quarter - either online through PayPal or by check.

Become an Avicy Affiliate Today, Sign-up Now!

Contact Us and request a free affiliate account to become an Avicy Affiliate. After a review of your application and your acceptance of the Affiliate Agreement, you too can start making money your way - the same day!


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