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Setting Up Domain Names

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Current users: Access your Domain Center account

What are domain names?

Domain names are unique addresses that point to your website, for example 'www.yourname.com.' Domains allows you to have a personalized email address such as 'you@yourname.com'.

Domain names are great for marketing and branding your Avicy website. It also allows you to keep one email address which is yours as long as you keep your domain name registered.

How can I get a domain name?

You may search for and register a domain name through our Domain Center for $19/year. Once your domain is registered, you may setup domain forwarding to link it with your Avicy website.

What if I already have a domain name?

If you have already registered a domain name that you would like to use with your Avicy website, there are two options:

  1. You may transfer your domain through Avicy's Domain Center to our system. Once the transfer is completed, you may login to the domain center, and setup domain forwarding.

  2. If you would like to keep your domain at your current registrar, simply setup domain forwarding to link it with your Avicy website.

How can I get a email address at my domain name?

If your domain is registered or transferred to our Domain Center, and you don't want to use the free email forwarding but would rather have an actual email account at your domain name, then you may login to the Avicy Domain Center and order an "email pack" which will allow you to setup email accounts.

Do I own my domain name if I register it through Avicy?

Yes. You have total control over your domain name and are the full owner as long as you want to keep it. You may set it to any site, transfer it, control your email, or change settings through the Domain Center

Are there any hidden costs to domain registration?

No! Your $19/year registration fee is all inclusive - domain registration (.com/.net/.org), free domain forwarding (linking with your Avicy website), and free email forwarding (you@yourdomain.com > your current email).


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